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The Royal Coats at the MoshPit, Sydney. 21st February 2021

Jeff Buckley (William) fronting The Black Crows (Elijah, Jack & Bailey). Capital S for swagger.

Smoother than a girlfriends cheek, and hotter than a Cancun spa party, these 4 Newie ‘Braves’ made sure they didn’t waste the trip down to Sydney for a PACKED gig of humans frothing to hear them.

Heavenly vocals. Blistering guitars. Drums as dangerous as Detroit, and a ‘bad MF’ on Bass.

The boys play like they’re on parole: not a foot wrong, all showing their best, but deep-down menacing undertones of musical grit and tension simmer. You can’t sing, or play guitar like that unless it comes from a place within that understands hurt and love; but not necessarily in that order!

Last night, was The Royal Coats first ever time playing in Sydney, and boy did they do it justice. Selling Out the Moshie, is a big achievement especially when it’s your first venue you’ve played at in Sydney.

They also recently released a song called “Strawberry”, which is super cool ’n catchy, here’s where you soothe your soul: spotify:album:2BbLVwaZ8QQSNNIajHvKVj

If you’re a new fan and want to know a bit about the band, here’s how they describe themselves: ‘The Royal Coats are a four piece Newcastle band that formed in 2019. The two guitarists and bass player met at a music course, jammed together before discovering their drummer. The rest is history. The band has been described as groovy rock blending elements from bands like; Powderfinger and Nirvana to create their own unique sound.

On the 20th of March they have their single launch for ‘Strawberry’ at The Newy Hotel.

Well done boys, keep up the brilliant work.

Rating: 9/10 guitars

Genre: Groovy Rock

Members: William, Elijah, Jack and Bailey

Set list:

Special Two (Missy Higgins and Dear Seattle cover)

Elephant (Tame Impala cover)



Ride With Me

Say It Ain’t So (Weezer cover)


Hour Till Midnight


1. My Sharona (The Knack cover)


What’s New On The Scene 

The Royal Coats, a rock band with catchy riffs and groovy beats from Newcastle, NSW, have been able to create music that has a unique sound and showcase a musicality that is akin to modern rock legends. Band members William Dyer Culhane with his grungy vocals and guitar playing, Elijah Robert and his tasty lead breaks, Jack Johnson with the addictive bass licks and Bailey Wade bringing groovy drum beats make The Royal Coats a band that needs to be seen live in order to witness their incredible talent.

Their debut single 'Strawberry' was released in early December 2020 and lead into the band's first sold out show in Sydney in late February this year. Having shared the stage with incredible bands and artists including Lunar Umbra, Reborn Freedom, Jye Sharp, Osprey, Paris Grace, and Earl & The Torpedoes, The Royal Coats are among some of the up and coming performers in Newcastle with the potential to do amazing things in the years to come.

The Royal Coats released their newest single 'That Soother My Soul on September 17 2021 it is a track that has classic rock riffs and insane vocals that meld together creating a modern rock symphony. The riffs are unique among the Newcastle rock scene and the band's talented musicians have a maturity that shines through with the hard work and dedication that the audience can appreciate has allowed for such an amazing track to be created. The ability to dance to this track when performed live in a venue would be incredible for the audience to experience as the rock vibe blasting through speakers is a moment that needs to be seen to be believed. Credit to the production on this trick because it has characteristics that will set The Royal Coats apart due to the funky instrumentals and melodic harmonies. The band has impressed so far with their first two singles so I can't wait for the next releases and the opportunity to see the band live is definitely a must for the future. 


For The Record 

Remember the last time you heard a swashbuckling, swaggering piece of spicy rock wizardry come out of Newcastle? If you answered anything but yes, you clearly haven’t heard of The Royal Coats, quite possibly the coolest new kids on the block thanks to their slinky new single, That Soothes My Soul

Fronted by the temptuous croons of William Dyer Culhane and his guitar, the rock band is fueled by Elijah Roberts on guitar, Jack Johnson on bass, and Bailey Wade tying the lot together smartly on the drums. With the microphones on and fire in their bellies, they constitute a formidable unit. 

Inspired by local legends Silverchair, as well as the international likes of Nirvana, Royal Blood and other hard hitting rock exponents, the band’s direct method produces a hefty dose of firepower. The distinguishing feature here is the self control with which they operate it, producing an angular sound that cuts the fat and gets straight to the nakedness of music in its purest form. 

So what is it exactly that is uncovered once all the talk stops? Nothing less than a band unafraid, straight onto the front foot with a clangorous rumble and piercing lead guitar hook up top. In a musical landscape being drenched in heavier showers of artificial sounds, there’s only one way for rock to stick it to the man: loud and proud. Well That Soothes My Souldoes just that, the lads firing confidently on all cylinders to turn in a simultaneously racy and menacing result. It’s not just that the song tears along ferociously leaving a trail of energy in its wake; here is a group with enough self awareness to pull out all the dynamic stops when the adrenaline might have carried other inexperienced bands away. It’s with an urgent vigour that the instruments are handled by their owners who gleefully display their own acute understanding of their craft. 

In between sizzling guitar licks and a biting rhythm section, our enamoured vocalist enumerates everything between “the fire that everyone admires” to “the moves that soothes my soul.” If the music is an appeal to that impossibly elusive wonder woman out there, it gives it one hell of a crack; from start to finish the track is dripping with uncontaminated, red blooded virility. Of course, you’d expect nothing less from a group of young men undertaking the task of wrangling a genre that leaves so little room for error; nevertheless for such a band to hit the target straight off the bat is to be commended, and we wouldn’t be foolish to expect even better things from them in the future. 

If nothing else, That Soothes My Soul serves as a warning shot to anyone cynical about the future of rock. Maybe rock doesn’t have the legs that it did ten years ago. Maybe it’s slowing down. But it won’t be going anywhere anytime soon if The Royal Coats have anything to say about it.

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